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Best 10 things to do in Japan

Will you come to 2020 Tokyo Olympic?

Japanese who lives in abroad recommends 10 things to do in Japan!

There are so many nice foods, places and activities in Japan. I grew up in Japan (very country side) and had lived around Tokyo for 15 years. Now I’m living in London so I would like to recommend you 10 wonderful things to do in Japan. I hope this information will be of some help!


1. Eat real authentic Sushi

Yes, I know there are so many sushi restaurants all over the world nowadays but there is massive difference between real ones and the others. Some books recommend Tsukiji fish market but please select the restaurant very carefully as some of them are nice but the others are not so nice. If you want to know the real sushi at Tsukiji fish market I recommend only two sushi restaurants. One is sushi bun and the other is Daiwa sushi. There are also some nice sushi restaurants in the city. If you are in Tokyo, Sukiyabashi Jiro and Aoki are very nice.(but a bit pricey). Sushi ten or Manten sushi is very reasonable and worth it. Please don’t choose the sushi restaurant on that day. Check and book in advance at least 1 months before you go.



(Photos: Sukiyabashi-Jiro)


2. Challenge to ride on commute train

Do you know the word “salary man”?

Some of you may know that Japanese are very hard worker. Then they try to go to the office before 9 so the train for commuters are very very busy. The staff push the people to get them ride on the train. Please try to ride on only one station! Lol. You cannot stop laughing after your ride. How hard workers Japanese are!



3. All night Karaoke

There are some pubs or restaurants  which can use Karaoke machine all over the world. But please don’t forget that the Karaoke machine in Japan is the most advanced. In many Karaoke house you can have bottomless drinks just only 10 or 20 dollars. Of course you can choose different languages. 



4. Eat Japanese BBQ

Japanese BBQ is similar to Korean BBQ but the taste and the meat is different.

If you have a chance, please try to find nice one. You can find good one by internet easily. Please don’t choose the BBQ restaurants on that day. You need to book in advance as well as good sushi restaurants.





5. Buy souvenirs at 100yen shop DAISO 

100 yen is cheaper than 1 dollar or 1 pounds but the quality of the items in the 100 yen shop are much nicer than those of outside Japan.

If you go to the 100 yen shop in Harajuku you will find good souvenirs in the 100 yen shop. Daiso is the most famous 100 yen shop. They are running different size of shops please try to go to the large ones as they have plenty of items.



6. Go to Osaka, Kyoto & Nara

Many tourism books might say Osaka, Kyoto and Nara are good old city in Japan. Kyoto and Nara were old capital cities and they still have very nice traditional Japanese atomosphere. Many Japanese want to visit those area.







7. Seven eleven Japan

Seven eleven exists in America as well but the quality is very different. Please try some theiroriginal sweets and their original foods. They are very tasty and not pricey. I believe you will love them.




8. Eat real authentic Sukiyaki

Sukiyaki is one of beef meals. The taste is quite authentic Japanese. This quality depends on the quality of beef so please choose the restaurant carefully as well as sushi and Japanese BBQ!



9. Eat eels

Eels look like sneaks but the taste is great!

Some of my Japanese say eels are the best Japanese food. I can agree their opinion. Please select the restaurant carefully as same as sushi, Japanese BBQ and Sukiyaku.




10. Go to Guru Guru Sushi

Guru guru sushi is one of types of sushi restaurants. They provide sushi on the plates and the plates will flow on the belt conveyor in front of you! This is very fun and you will eat much more than you eat usually!





Are you interested in some of them??

In 2020 Tokyo Olympic will be held in Japan. Please come to Japan and I really hope you will enjoy and like Japan!!

Thank you for reading my article!!

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