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Let’s slurping! The best noodles in Japan

I believe that Japan is the one of the noodle heavens in the world.

Today I would like to introduce some Japanese noodle foods which you must eat in Japan.

I guess you guys have already known Ramen, Soba and Udon so I would like to show you the other noodles that you cannot eat in your own countries easily. Okay, let’s go!

1.Soumen / Hiyamugi

Soumen is very thin. skinny white noodles made of wheat flour. The noodle is usually served cold but the is also hot one especially as a family foods. Sometimes restaurants provides hot Soumen as Jigoku-daki (Nyumen). Hiyamugi is a little bit fatter than Soumen but not fat as Udon. Soumen noodles are stretched when made, as are some types of udon noodles. 


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Maybe many of you have heard of Yakisoba. This is a kind of ramen noodle without soup. Instead of soup they use source for the ramen noodle like pasta. The source is very unique. The color is normally very black and tastes very unique (I feel it is nice!). 


Kishimen is one type of Udon but the shape is completely different from normal Udon. The shape is very flat! This is very popular in Nagoya city.


Tsukemen is so to speak 'dip-ramen' so at the beggining of the meal, noodle and soup will be served separately. Then you will eat the noodle with dipping the noodles into the soup. The soup is normally abit solty if you try to drink but as long as you eat the soup with noodels that should be very nice.

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5.Champon (not champion)

This is very popular in Nagasaki-city. The noodle will be served with white nice soup.


Tokoroten is made from sea vegetables..


Hiyashi-chuuka is very very popular noodle all over the Japan in the summer season. Japanese feel that summer has comen when we know that some restaurants start to serve Hiyashi-chuuka. Hiyashi means 'cold' and chuuka means 'Chinese' so this means cold-Chinese but actually this is the Japanese food.


This is very popular in Nagasaki-city as well as Champon. The fried very skinny noodle will be served with special source.

Thank you for reading my article! 


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