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Top 3 fast Japanese foods must eat in Japan

Will you come to 2020 Tokyo Olympic?

Japanese who lives in London recommends top 3 fast Japanese food restaurants in Japan!

There are so many nice foods, places and activities in Japan. I grew up in Japan (very country side) and had lived Tokyo for 15 years. I would like to recommend you top 3 wonderful Japanese fast foods in Japan. I hope this information will be of some help!

The key word is 'Quick, cheap and yummy!'

1. Udon  (うどん) & Soba(そば)

f:id:usokaramakoto:20180923003156j:plain(image from Matsuya's web)

First of all I would like to introduce the most famous Japanese quick food called 'Udon' and 'Soba'. These are Japanese typical noodle and you will find there are alo of standing Udon and Soba bar in the city. Also you will find the standing udon bar even in the train station!

They are very cheap (normally under 5 USD) and tast good. When Japanese people don't have plenty of money, they often go there to eat lunch. The prices are very reasonable and the taste is really nice. 




2. Ramen (ラーメン)


I think ramen is more popular than Udon or Soba.

There are so many Ramen restaurants outside Japan and some of them provide really nice ones. In Japan, there are so many nice ramen restaurants so you will easily find the nice one. In Japane normally people eat ramen very very quickly like in 5 or 10 minutes.... I think the atomaspehere is also unique and interesting.




3. Japanese curry (カレー)

f:id:usokaramakoto:20180922234830j:plain(image from CoCo's web)

CoCo is very popular Japanease curry restaurant. They have many variery of Japanse curry. You can choose what you want to eat but the most typical one is Katsu-curry. Katsu is fried pork and it will be one the top of rice then curry will be poured on the top of Katsu! I feel the taste is great! It is much more than beef curry.

I would like to say that Katsu and curry is one of the best friend! Please try it!




Are you interested in some of them??

In 2020 Tokyo Olympic will be held in Japan. Please come to Japan and I really hope you will enjoy and like Japan!!

Thank you for reading my article!!


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